Antminer S7 Reviews, Price And Profitability


Now while the S7 has been already been in stores for a good amount of time, there has been a substantial price drop associated with it over the years. Initially, it was launched at a good $2000, similar to the S9 at its current rate. However, today, the price of the S7 has dropped substantially to $440 at Bitmain, excluding shipping charges. Other than that, it is available for $545 or $500 from eBay depending on whether you choose the new or the second-hand model.


Now if there’s one aspect of a Bitcoin miner rig that happens to hold the most importance, it is the profitability of the product. Operating a miner rig takes up a lot of your resources. First of all, there is the cost of the rig to bear, and secondly, there is the excessive power consumed by the miner which can lead to a spike in your energy bills and consumption.

Power Consumption

As per power considerations, the S7 draws a decent 1293 Watts of power at room temperature. Temperature happens to be a factor in this since the hotter the surrounding environment gets, more will be the energy expended by the fans to keep the unit sufficiently cool. Compared with the S5, the S7 is twice as efficient in the energy department and only asks for a decent 0.25 J of power per Gigahash.


There is an ambient temperature which must be maintained while operating a BTC miner. In case the device gets much hotter than the prescribed temperature, it will get increasingly tough for the fans to keep the unit cool and as a result, your power consumption will increase drastically along with the rise in performance problems.


For those who are quite eager to make the purchase and can’t possibly wait for the S9 to experience a drop in its price, the S7 is probably the best option for decently sized profits. While the original version may not live up to your expectations, but in case you have access to cheaper power and are ready for some intelligent and well-planned tweaking to the device, you can actually convert the S7 into a much profitable and suitable miner rig for yourself.

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